The Desktop Destroyer remake with community content

Casual Desktop Game is a fanmade remake of the ancient Desktop Destroyer. The games style is the same like the original game, except that you can download new tools, entities and other stuff from the Steam Workshop. Tools are made by programming them via AngelScript, a popular scripting engine in the game programming universe. Become part of the community, play the game on Steam and revive your childhood. The game is free to play and there are no payable items since we believe that such kind of game must be totally free of charge. Now go ahead and download the game!

Modern game

Playable via Steam and available as x64 application for Windows Vista/7/10

Workshop ready

Download new items from the Workshop or share your own. The game supports Steam and own Workshop

Easy development

Developing and submitting own tools is very easy. Tools are created in AngelScript

Tried out by many

The game has been downloaded by more than 30k players worldwide where the count is still increasing

Loved by the community

The game has been rated very positive (4.5 / 5 star rating) with very loving reviews

Share screenshots

You can share screenshots right out of the game which are posted on this website and Twitter

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With the game I wanted to bring the old fun back in a modern shape
Daniel Brendel, founder and developer
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